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Daniel, Adam, and Emily started developing the World of Aittios and Elena in 2019. In the process they have written a number of books that lists the many adventures of Aittios and Elena. They have also created a card game. The are currently working on a sequel to the first two books. In their spare time they are creating this world in Minecraft.

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Aittios & Elena Andino and the Dagons of Sorcery (Book 1)

It was a very dark night. The crescent moon was still glowing high in the sky. Hiding behind the bushes was a group of 12 orcs and their master a dark elf named Shadow. “They will come,” said Shadow in a deep voice. They waited for an hour before they heard footsteps of dwarfs. “Draw your swords” whispered Shadow. The orcs had long flat blades and Shadow had a short and slim blade. After about 30 seconds, a group of dwarfs emerged out of the bushes. In the front was the king, and behind him were 6 dwarfs. All of them trained for combat. “Now!” yelled Shadow. Frantically, the 12 orcs jumped out of the tall bushes. The six dwarfs who appeared in sight fell dead in moments. The king of the dwarfs who was following close by tried to hide. “Don’t just stand there, get him!” Shadow bellowed. Obediently, the orcs rushed into the forest following the king of the dwarf’s tracks. Shadow watched his orcs go before running in the opposite direction. A few minutes after the orcs disappeared into the fog, Shadow saw the dwarf king running toward him blindly. The dwarf king’s sword was dripping with orcs blood. Shadow drew his sword and swung the blade at the dwarf king. The blade struck the king in the shoulder causing the king to fall. The shadow kneeled over the dwarf king and said “Where is it!?”. “I’d rather die than to tell a filthy person like you.” the dwarf king responded. “So be it,” Shadow said in a strained voice trying to keep calm. Shadow took out his sword and cut off one of the king’s ears. “Owwwwwww!” yelled the king. “Okay! I’ll tell you, I’ll tell you. It’s hidden in the Northern forge,” the king said. Shadow cursed under his breath and killed the dwarf king. “Tefra​,” he said in Greek. “Ashes”. Then, every single orc turned to ashes. Then he raced off into the night to the north.

Aittios and Elena Andino and the Wrath of Thanatos (Book 2)

Dracon paced across his prison cell. “What should I do,” Dracon said out loud. A guard came up to his cell “His royal highness wants to see you,” “Do I care,” Dracon responded, crossing his arms and looking away. “Come,” the guard said. “Try and make me,”Dracon said as he sat on his bed crossing his arms. The guard sighed and said, “You were once the pride of the empire. Now you’re just a prisoner. I used to follow you. Now you follow me,” The guard opened the door and drew his sword. Dracon got up and said, “Okay, okay, I’m coming,” “Come now,” the guard commanded. Dracon followed the guard to an underground room. He heard angry voices. Inside the room was King Thanatos and Janmey. The guard shoved him into the room. “Your time serving me has come to an end,” King Thanatos said. Before Dracon could respond, Thanatos drew his sword and swung it. Dracon closed his eyes. When Dracon opened his eyes and saw Janmey’s lifeless body on the floor. “That is what happens to people who fail and traitors,” King Thanatos said to Dracon. “Are you a traitor?” Thanatos said walking circles around Dracon. “We shall see tommorow,” King Thanatos continued as he left the room. Dracon was then escorted back to his prison. “I have to get out of here,” Dracon thought to himself. “I can get you out of here,” said a dark cloaked figure. “Who are you?” Dracon asked. “I am Thanatos, people know me as Death the Destroyer of worlds,” said the cloaked man.

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  • Aittios and Elena and the Apocolyptic War
  • Aittios and Elena Card Game

A Guide to the World of Aittios and Elena

This is a great place to start if you want to know more about the various characters and their attributes.

Aittios and Elena’s World in Minecraft

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